• Gavin Raphael

Hand Washing

7STEPS OF STEPS OF HAND WASHING Step 1 - Hands should be wet with liquid soap applied for a good lather. (Water temperature needs to be between 35 °C and45 °C)

Step 2 - Rub your hands palm to palm.

Step 3 - With your right palm rub the back of your left hand. Swap hands and repeat.

Step 4 - Then, interlace your 􏰀fingers together.

Step 5 - 􏰐􏰐􏰁􏰁Rub the backs of them against your palms.

Step 6 - Enclose your right hand around your left thumb and rub as you rotate it. Swap hands and repeat.

􏰔S􏰑t􏰃e􏰍p 􏰕7 􏰖- 􏰗􏰗􏰉􏰉􏰊a circular motion in your left palm. 􏰗􏰗􏰃􏰃􏰍􏰍􏰃􏰃􏰇􏰇􏰑􏰑 􏰚􏰚􏰘􏰘􏰑􏰑􏰙􏰙 􏰋􏰋􏰌􏰌􏰉􏰉􏰄􏰄 􏰎􏰎􏰃􏰃􏰛􏰛􏰑􏰑 􏰝􏰀􏰁􏰁􏰂􏰂􏰃􏰃􏰄􏰄􏰅􏰅􏰞􏰜

After washing, always thoroughly rinse your hands in warm running water, and dry with a clean disposable towel.Never use reusable towels as you will transfer harmful bacteria back onto your clean hands.

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